Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Passing Trend

I'm not a large fan of the word "fashionable", unless used correctly. Using the word implies the particular person isn't gifted with natural style or originality; just the mere fact they are in VOGUE, fashionable. Though what comes in fashion, must come out.
I am aware this is the case for these House Of Holland Tops. Designed by Henry Holland (who works for Bliss Magazine) these quircky funny logo tops have become very popular with the fashion crowd, and even designers at their S/S 07 shows were spotted wearing them.
I however, have been seduced by the idea and can't resist buying one of these fashion tops as they simply are quite marvellous! Will they get worn next season? I wouldn't be so sure.....but is it worth it just for the few wears-I think for me the answer is "yes", and I will be trying to get as many wears out of them as possible....


Blogger arkasha said...

do you have any idea how to do a big letter tee DIY? thx.

3:03 PM  

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