Monday, January 15, 2007

Bad Hair Dyes and Too Much Fake Bake

A Chanel party, overflowing with celebrities, fashion industry insiders and an awful lot of Chanel clothing. You would expect only the most glamourous to show up and looking absolutely divine, (this is Chanel afterall and they are all about elegant, monochrome and well put together together feminine pieces) although this was not the case for some.

Kate Bosworth is a natural beauty (though I prefered when she wasn't such a stick) and Cameron Diaz can look pretty and healthy, however, both turned out with awful dye jobs, looking on the orange side of life and not looking their usual stylish selfs.

Miss Diaz was dressed better than Bosworth but that jet black hair is way to dark for her, it's not Spanish or exotic or even oriental on her, it verges on gothic. It pains me to speak so bluntly as I am rather keen on her.

As for Kate Bosworth she looked a little plain, this shade of brown seems to wash her out and I prefered the blonde as it seemed to bring out her features and those mysterious different coloured eyes. She also looked 10 years older, but at least in this outfit she looks slightly more healthy.


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