Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lagerfeld Lost His Touch?

Karl Lagerfield is a genius- no doubt about it and Chanel is one of my all time favourite brands so it pains me to say how bitterly disappointed I was with his Chanel Couture collection. There were only about three items I would even consider to place on my wishlist. It started off well with short coats and monochrome magic then it made a turn for the worst.

There third item shown has fur and fluff flying everywhere (which seemed to be Lagerfield's inspiration this season). It looked like someone had raided the store cupboard and attached all their findings on this dress. The next outfit screams out Victoria Beckham, a good enough reason to stay clear. Then it just seems to get worst the dismal grotesque gold dress it could be from Grandma's dressing up cupboard & the tacky grey fur extravaganza then last but not least the yeti bride.

I don't know what went wrong this season but hopefully Karl will pull himself together for his A/W 07 collection.


Blogger Teresa said...

The tailored jackets were pretty in the beginning, but in the middle it got repetitive and in the end, it was a bombardment of feathers and glitter like a preschool arts and crafts project gone awry. Some of the pieces were pretty though, but nothing stood out.

6:28 AM  

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