Tuesday, March 01, 2011

There is dazzling news and disastrous news....

Disastrous news first..........when it became breaking news today, how could I not comment on Galliano being dismissed by Dior?

I think, akin to the majority of the nation- that it is shockingly despicable and being intoxicated is no excuse for racism in any shape or form. I suppose the tragedy lies, behind such fairytale-esque clothing and the most mind-numbingly beyond beautiful pieces and the most highly innovative and anticipated fashion shows....lies an ugly, corrupted and repugnant human being.

He is an absolute genius but has reduced himself to morph into the eyes of idiot by his conduct. Part of me wishes it wasn't true, as now when I look at his marvellous work, it taints the thought of the beauty behind the piece. His work shall be missed but he shall not.

Above and below is a small selection of my favourite pieces which encompass: fairy femme fetale, geisha goddess, orgami like sctructures and the ebodiment of what an an exquisite, enigmatic creature from another world should be.

Onto the dazzling news, Emilio Pucci's show has got to be one of my most adored.
Pucci promised for the show, “Hunters, Tyrolia, Sissi and a touch of Grimm Brothers fable....like a dark fairytale in the woods" and my, he delivered.

I can see Mila Kunis wearing this phenomenal dress, as many shades of blue as the sea and carrying this statement piece of with grace and flirtatiousness.

I can see Kate Bosworth's svelte frame complimenting this highly intricate lace dress on the left to perfection, as her delicate features add a twist to this gothic piece. Whilst Daphne Guinness' eccentric modern gothic style would be ideal for this frightfully frilly, sinfully gorgeous dress.

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Blogger J'Adore Fashion said...

Love what his had done in Dior! sad situation!



3:00 AM  
Blogger Fashion Tidbits said...

aw thank you so much for your comment! :)

omg, i know! i feel so bad about john galliano, i wonder what was up with him?

11:43 AM  
Blogger amanda archambault said...

All these dresses are gorgeous! I would love to wear them.

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3:24 AM  
Blogger Lori said...

im upset with galliano, i admire him as a designer but what he did was such a disgrace

...look closer

4:43 AM  

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