Thursday, March 03, 2011

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Has The Most Style This Week Of All?

Not A Shrinking Violet- purple lips sharpen the contrast against these dark yellow floral skinny fit trousers. The bell armed light white blouse is not only a spring essential but balances the shapes here creating a feminine and sensual look without baring too much flesh.

The revolutionary way to sport a rock tee with being accompanied by dark cigarette thin jeans. Babyshambles meets a Glastonbury dressing-up shop. Once again balancing of shapes creates a flirtatious and playful look with the array of baby pink frills whilst the boots and hat break up the colour and add (masculine) maturity to the look.

Her hair is divine for this outfit- an ebony lower-key harajuku girl. The sailor-esque white collars are in keeping with spring's traditional nautical theme yet high-waisted leather shorts and knee-high black hold ups prevent this look from falling into such a stereotypical catergory. A look which means dark business- and would not be out of place down the streets at "Fashion Week".

The back- subjectively the most sensual part of a woman's body. As the weather rises with our spirits back-baring is back (no pun intended there). The main rule of thumb for wearing a dress which shimmers like a dozen pots of gold is keep the rest of your outfit simple. Slicked back hair away from the face and some deep vogue or plum lipstick add sophistaction to this look.

My marmite relationship with leopard print- yet here I question what is not to love? Patent dark platforms, minimal black bag and absolutely delicious electric blue/black hair and block fringe with a splash of pale lips create a modern 60's mod vs. rocker look. An easy look to recreate.

The leggings remind me of those of a paint-splattered artist and the jacket, glasses and hat of a dry sensed humored clown, yet as comical as this two should look together, I think for a big night out they are mould to become a fantastic look for you to woo over a real stud.

Simplicity at its finest! Beige is my favourite colour at the moment as far as outwear (and chinos) is concerned. Monochrome jumpers never fail to conjure up some stylish magic, the gentry meets a light dose of punk.

The sculpting here is extraordinary. The bustier is perfect for petite frames, worn over a thin top, if desiring to achieve a more feminine shape. Bodycon skirt brings the body back into a beautiful bell shape whilst the billowing white top creates a looser look, wonderful for carefree spring dressing.

Red a tricky colour to wear and especially such a vast amount. Break it up with simple colours such as black or white to become a ravishing lady in red just as above.

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