Monday, May 30, 2011

Gieshas meet vamp and frolics in the Garden of Eden

Asian Persuasion: Ornate oriental inspired adornments and a bold and opulent colour palette- full of royal blues, fuschias and gold. Makes me want to read and watch "Memoirs of a geisha" again.

Dark parisian fairytale: Cutting edge sculpting & vampish ebony nights. Think of it as a more practical and wearable Lady Gaga-esque look.

Garden of Eden: Metallic crop top meets neutral high-waisted trousers, a stroke of genius. How to wear crop tops seductively and demurely. Delightful tribal twist with the silver ankle bangles.

Knight and shining armour: It seems Mr Nick Knight can't put a foot wrong. Once again a vibrant oriental colour palette balanced with beautiful melancholy blues

Abbey Lee: She is beautiful yet here I think looks a little too harsh, proof excessive make-up can detract from naturally breath-taking beauty

Mean Poppa Lean - Personality (Leon Remix) (Well Rounded Housing Project 12" - A Side: James Fox) by leon.


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