Wednesday, March 09, 2011

How would you like your garage?

Chopped up and time-shifted with a tad pitch-shifted vocals, if you may.

The hottest trend besides the Prada brogue-sneakers or Stella McCartney's polka dot collection?

Garage music.

After attending DMZ on Saturday, London's infamous dubstep night and the biggest night of its kind on the annual calendar- where people travel far and wide from various parts of Europe, to feel the floor vibrate beneath their two-stepping feet to underground beats. This year however, it was Jame's Blake set that stole the show- the chainsaw-like noise and sounds of chemicals bubbling in a mad scientist's lab, is sadly what it seems dubstep has been reduced to. Even the dubstep kings, Skream and Benga, are the guilty culprits of such unpleasant and unmelodic sounds.

There is no real emotion, harmony or sensual vocals which make up-coming post-dubstep/ garage artists like Julio Bashmore, Jamie xx, Jacques Greene and Cooly G's music so beautiful and the perefect kind of dreamy sounds you want to be hearing on a night, where the music should transport you on a journey. You are at one with the music, not merely just dancing to it. I am an avid corsica studio's clubber and last visit noticed artists such as Dark Sky's and The Boogalew Crew's new material, following this desirable direction.

When I was a child Artful Dodger's "three two one" made me jiggle my hips enthusiastically, yet the garage revival brings back "sentimental memories", which are all the better now I can hear them playing at my favourite clubs, my childhood jukebox substitued for the most impressive sound-systems.

Here a few few of my current favourite songs of the post-dubstep genre:

James Blake: I Mind by La 3e heure!

S x

(Won't be posting for a while as this eveing till Monday at BLOC music festival! Another music post shall definitely be on its way then)


Blogger withloverachel said...

really enjoyed this post. Ahh so lucky your going to bloc would love to be going, just going to have to wait till Outlook in September. Seen James Blake live about a year ago and hes amazing.

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