Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm going down to Rio, to meet my friend Clio

This photoshoot got my brain ticking about two things.

Firstly- how much I kick myself in the teeth for not being able to attend Rio carnival this year and envy all those whom were priviledged enough to shimmy along to irresistable brazilian beats.

Secondly, however, and most importantly, it got me thinking about the clothes choices I'll be making this summer.

Clearly ten bagels on one arm and just as many on the mirroring one, is a look more appropriate for a photoshoot and less so for the practicalities of real life.

Yet, I find myself coming to the conclusion, five on one arm and an equal amount on the other is the happy halfway point, between the impractical and so-what-if-I-jingle-jangle-everytime-I-move-it-looks-great. Head scarves and several head ornaments blossoming out from your hair follicles- well, there's no need to be a shrinking violet anymore. A year ago this look would have screamed out to me O.T.T, high-fashion shoots to lazy summer days around town- I felt this transition could not be made.

This summer however, where I'll be going abroad to Benicassim and Outlook festival I feel this look would slot perfectly in. My ethnic jewelry can be the treble to the bass. If that means turning a few heads as they take in all the droopy necklaces you are wearing or the vibrant print of your dress that swishes along with the sunshine, it's a good thing. A tribal teaser is what I shall try and filter gradually into my spring wardrobe.

Try either of these two ethnic "Urban Outfitters Web Exclusive" £18 earrings to get you well on your way

S x


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