Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This makes me think: What a divine presentation of fertility and feminity &...my bedroom wall needs something like this but my bank account balance crushes this wish

This makes me think of: Gwen S. tick-tocking as Alice in Wonderland. Alice ought to play the mad hatter on the off day &.... I now need to get this

Makes me think of: Although her hair isn't crimped it looks like hair that has fallen out of being crimped in the not too distant past. Yes, a guilty 80's pleasure I'm caving heavily into...& Joseph's Technicolour coat meets rock n' roll, what a delightful duet

Makes me think: Naty Chabanenko you are my girl crush...& of my childhood fantasy to go to Portobello and pick one a mask to wear for masquerade balls, grander than the "Gossip Girl" one. Ambitious perhaps, but still, I live in hope.

Makes me think: Pigtails ought to recieve a standing ovation and come-back &...doe eyes are to die for

This makes me think: Being on a boat, staring out into the most intense blue black sky and sipping a passion fruit mojito


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