Friday, March 04, 2011

Lily will my love for you ever cease to grow?

Lily has done it again for a shoot for French VOGUE- she looks breath-taking. The final georgian meet's 1950's inspired black dress made my jaw almost drop to the ground. The dress' texture looks so highly intricate, I wish I could put my finger out and touch my laptop screen and feel what it truly feels like. The baby pink gloves show this is a modern georgian woman and they are far darker and independent than the women of that era.

Giving the "hard shoulder" is taken to a new level in the first picture. I think knee high black hold-ups are always the perfect and sexy way to balance out heavier shapes above. The ebony wet look pants almost seem to has been inspired by ra ra la la la, Lady Gaga.

The second ballerina style dress is hard not to gasp over, especially since Black Swan, everyone wishes to relive their golden days as a dancer. The pvc black gloves toughen up the delicate caged corset and lustful ruffles that spew out from it. The key to looking divine when wearing a more revealing item is for its structure to be key- it holds everything in, whilst emphasing the beautiful shape of the woman's body- not pushing, squeezzing and spilling it all out.

Below are a selection of photos which would provide great inspiration for a fancy dress party. Of late, I have been invited to numerous, I think I've got to the age now where you have already passed the days where your dress-up parties come to a halt as they are no longer "cool" and now, hitting twenty, dressing up is once again in as you can add a more seductive/ shcking/ bizarre adult twist to it. Lower budget fancy dress- head fascinators are a saviour! Higher budget? Feast your eyes on some of the grander ideas below

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Blogger Sunniva said...

I really love that you're back! Keep the great posts coming. Lily Donaldson is fantastic, she is an excellent model. I saw her in New York a few months ago and she is just as gorgeous in real life. Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

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