Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Oh My Mary-Kate

Just when we thought she was happy as a brunette we were all proved wrong...something however about this hair cries out the word "Tacky", maybe it's the lipstick, or fur coat, but it does not shout out "50's Hollywood Glamour, Eat Our Heart Out Marylin Munroe".
The gothic platinum blonde look was obviously not suited for MK, so someone please, pass the brown dye.

A Passing Trend

I'm not a large fan of the word "fashionable", unless used correctly. Using the word implies the particular person isn't gifted with natural style or originality; just the mere fact they are in VOGUE, fashionable. Though what comes in fashion, must come out.
I am aware this is the case for these House Of Holland Tops. Designed by Henry Holland (who works for Bliss Magazine) these quircky funny logo tops have become very popular with the fashion crowd, and even designers at their S/S 07 shows were spotted wearing them.
I however, have been seduced by the idea and can't resist buying one of these fashion tops as they simply are quite marvellous! Will they get worn next season? I wouldn't be so sure.....but is it worth it just for the few wears-I think for me the answer is "yes", and I will be trying to get as many wears out of them as possible....

Friday, December 29, 2006


The Sales

For me are a bitter dissappointment. I never find what I am looking for nor anything romotely that interests me or catches my eye. Really the sales from my point of view are just a bundle of left-overs that no one wants so the store has to shift them and what a better way to do it than a sale? I do not feel I am too good for the sales, nor is it below me wearing "last season sale items" however, it is just the simple matter of not enough choice.
TOPSHOP's sale consists of about a mere 60 clothing items and is a terrible let-down, Miss Selfridge's is slightly more promising with rather nice coats reduced, though all in all, I don't jump for joy when I think of sales.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Victoria Beckham Unfashionable Move

Reading through an old style magazine I found a rather amusing quote from a writer, disturbed by the fact Miss Beckham was releasing a style book (That Extra Half an Inch) she seemed bewildered by the fact Posh thought she had the right to give others style advice as hers was a far cry from Miss Moss, which I agree.

The writer questioned what knowlege we could gain from this, "How to navigate a hair extension with a nail extension, perhaps?"

I think that says it all.....

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Jessica Stam and Sasha P- The Perfect Couple

They are two models well-known models, each with unconventional, striking beauty however, it would of never occured to me putting both girls together in shoot yet, this is exactly what has been done and just look at the fantastic results. (It seems all that jet lagg from travelling has finally taken its toll!)

Kris Lewis

His beautiful so-lifelike-they-could-jump-right-off-the-computor-screen-paintings caught my eye today.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Face Not To Be Forgotten

Name: Judith bedard
Agency: Marilyn, New York
Her beautiful red locks, feline sea blue eyes and pout will take this model very, very far.
A real beauty.

Gucci Cruise S/S 07

One of my favourite campaigns at the moment. Freja looks stunning, Caroline is glowing and Hilary too, the girls look gorgeous. Click on the images to see them slightly larger.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Gemma Ward Flying High

This is how long legs can work to your advantage......

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Motivation Boards

There's nothing like a little bit of encouragement, motivation and final words to those models, to rise their spirit's during hectic, stressful fashion weeks. However, the contrast between those encouraging and those not so much makes me smile.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Could You Be The Next Lily Donaldson?

Are as photogenic, if not more so than her? Are you relatively tall and slim? Do you have unusual features?
If the answers are yes to all of these then you might just be in with a chance at getting signed by London based Select Model Management.
Go to their new myspace site to send them your pics!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Everyone slips sometimes...

(Even the beautiful)

Sienna's New Clothing Line!

The actress claimed it was something she would never do, as she was an "actress" but now this "actress" is teaming up with her sister Savannah to design a clothing range, due to launch in the new year, called "Twenty8Twelve". Hopefully the clothes will be better than the name. She has turned to none other than Donatella Versace for a helping hand at designing collection which will feature "denim, knitwear, dresses and outerwear."
Whether this sounds like a good idea, I know my own personal views and will let you judge...
Personally for me Sienna Miller is a second rate, much less famous Kate Moss (probably as they are around the same height, have blonde hair and both have connections with Sadie and Jude).
Her new take on Edie Sedgwick in the movie Factory Girl, due to be released here in the New Year, is a plausible attempt but not exactly spot-on. I'll will have to eagarly wait until it reaches the cinemas over here, but judging but what I've seen even though her acting rumoured "oscar worthy" someone she doesn't seem quite right for the part. From a distance though they might appear identical, closer up the differences show.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Cheer

Christmas is a time to worship the lord and rejoce at the birth of Baby Jesus. It is also a time of giving, spent with family and loved ones. Also, it is a perfect occassion to wear a wonderful dress. Feeling uninspired or can't find what you're looking for? Don't fear! We've got it all here my friend! With prices ranging from to and all different styles and cuts, there should be something for each fashionable being out there!
This black Rachel Pally $176.00 dress caught my eye, a block colour which looks fantastic with coloured tights and platforms or boots. Want a sophistacted and trendy Christmas? Stick with this one!
A vintage inspired strapless puffy red dress felt very festive to me, and at only $29.80 a very affordable too! Wear with black tights and deep red or silver flats for a colour contrast and to keep you from getting too cold a cropped black cardigan.
Yellow for Christmas- why not??!! Be adventureous! This beauty is £40.00 from Urban Outfitters. Scientists say wearing the colour yellow makes you happy, so have a happy Christmas!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Lily Set To Be Model Legend!

Finally one of my model favourites has been signed up to IMG New York. Lily Donaldson, a blonde model from the baby alien face generation is close friends with supermodel Gemma Ward. Despite appearing on numorous VOGUE cover's and having campaigns she still remained at Select Model Management (to my suprise IMG didn't snap her up) but eventually they have come to their sense. English Lily is doing it for the Brits- the next Kate Moss? Who knows.....