Sunday, June 29, 2008

Because The Bigger The Better

I love summer. The sun's warm rays and the sunkissed skin it brings along with it does indeed form a smile across my face. The only minor flaw about the gorgeous heat & the warm is the miracles it works to our hair!
Some lucky people may be unaffected by this but most not so lucky (including me), their hair seems to become as dry as the Gobi Desert and swell up to five times its normal volume, bringing the pesky fiend frizz!
But hurrah! Do not dispair
Yes, untamed, slightly wild large hair is the look of the summer.
Thank goddess for that! So relax in the sun with that fly-away-and-rather-astray hair and keep using hair masks (I reccommend the brands "Naked Truth") to keep those luscious locks deliciously moist.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Priceless: A Film Definitely Worth Paying To See

This French Film many have called "The Modern Day Breakfast At Tiffany's" does indeed echo the same theme: lots of glamour, a young pretty woman with a strong desire for money over love and her life taking a most unexpected turn.
Whether you like foreign films or not I strongly reccommend "Priceless". Audrey Tautou makes the perfect style icon in the film where her character Irene wears clothes simply to die for.
This hilarious but touching film is beautiful in every single way with amazing cinematography too.
A future classic? I'm sure.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Andy's Girls

I must admit that I have mixed feelings about this photoshoot; shot by Jason Kibbler for the June/July 2008 Edition of "Interview" magazine.At first the prospect excited me as I adore the whole factory girl era and Warhol's muses- Edie Sedgwick in particular. I feel this shoot however successfully does and does not capture that Warhol scene.
Aggy makes a very convincing Warhol but the blonde Edie pictures are....not so convincing I suppose. The latter photograph of a brunette Edie modelling her trade mark large, dangly earrings is believeable however. Warhol's muse from the "Velvet Underground" is kind of captured in the shoot but there is a noticeable contrast between the model and Warhol's original muse.

Is it just me? Don't get me wrong I love the idea of the whole shoot I just feel it doesn't convey as successfully as it could have that particular era.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Resort Review

I am so impressed with just how brilliant designer's resort pieces have been! I have seen endless amounts of superb clothing- I must admit I did feel intially that the past two seasons of clothes had been- less exciting than previous perhaps? Although the resort collections have been enchanting to say the least! Here are my favourite items from some of the designers.

Versace- Sophistacted royal blue

Isaac Mizrahi- Great work wear plus gladiator shoes making the look slightly more edgy. Definitely.
Phi- Historical underwear inspired outwear. A sure sign of sex appeal.

Badgley Mischka- The texture of this dress reminds me of mermaid scales

Roberto Cavalli- I wasn't that overally impressed with the collection but this vintage, lacey number most certainly caught my eye!

Erin Fetherson- How my jaw hit the floor when I saw this dress. Magnificent & my favourite item by far.

Stella McCartney- Couldn't fault her collection. This assymetric dress paints happy thoughts in my mind.

Prada- The most divine green outfit I've ever set my eyes apon.

Ports 1961-
You may not be the perfect housewife but fool outsiders with this dress
Behnaz Sarafpour- Lovely Vintage Style Fitted Dress

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Style Sensation

Beautiful at the Baftas
The tailoring of this dress is dreamy. It reminds me of the princess dresses in my childhood fairytale books.
Pretty as a flower in a white Chanel dress
Matthew Williamson & Thandie work some magic

Lovely splash of colour & use of lace

The LBD of my dreams

Tie-Dye. Another of Thandie's beautiful black & pink combinations

Of late I have really been inspired by what older women wear for some obscure reason (maybe my dress sense has matured?) Being a adolescent going on adult, most would look to 20 something year olds and other people around their age but recently I find women in their thirties Thandie Newton, Daphne Guiness & Sarah Michelle Parker far more appealing.

I was intially going to do a post on Daphne Guiness but there is a lack of photographs around her on the web for me to do a reasonable sized posted with all her marvellous outfits so instead I'm focusing on Thandie Newton, a British born actress whose style I have really grown to appreciate of late.She has poise, elegance and grace with a soft and delicate manner. She is also very beautiful & frail. At the red carpet I rarely see her looking badly dressed and her choice of dresses definitely deserves all the praise they should get.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why hello, aren't you rather interesting....

Red lipstick never goes out of fashion

A short plain purple summer dress: oh yes

Simple Stripes yet a striking effect

Girl on the left- sophistacted & chic. Extravogent jewellery & a rich shade of green.

Gothic Beauty

Vintage Treasures

Casual and Simple

Eye Spy

A mismatch scarf and monochrome top

Tassle Earrings- an addition to my wishlist

Okay so I admit I have the slightest fascination when it comes to what people wear out and about especially at parties. As humans we are naturally drawn to what we like visually to begin with and at parties the variation of different styles, beauties, personalities is so vast. Just appearance alone before even talking to someone speaks volume. Here are some photographs with paty goers/fashion industry insiders whose style looks interesting to me.

Source: Various Party Photo Blogs

Roy Shram (Click To Enlarge)


Wouldn't you agree?

The distorted images and strong colours used in the shoot are so effective. The make-up palette used for her eyes in all the photos is asolutely divine. I had never considered pairing a pale green dress with purple tights up until now.

Monday, June 09, 2008

A More Sinister Summer

This season I adore the contrast between bold, vibrant shades of pink and red clothing paired with heavier facial make-up. This new approach to summer challenging the normal easy-going style we are accustomed to is refreshing to say the least.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Copy Cat

I have noticed Irina L's fashion choices having a striking resemblence to her ex friend Kate Moss.
Irina shot to fame on a fashion shoot Kate invited her to. Kate even asked Irina to model alongside her Kate's new clothing range for Topshop. The two were both models, stylish and had another thing in common- Pete Doherty.
Irina had recorded a few songs with Babyshambles and breifly dated Pete. After Kate and Pete's relationship ended after their second attempt Pete went back to Irina during the time she modelling Kate's clothimg range for Topshop. The girls friendship soon came to an end. Below are some of the possible sparks which may have flied between the two!
Irina's first silver dress choice is identical to a gold metallic one Kate wore at Glastonbury several years back (Irina even wears boots and a belt just like Kate's) and Irina's second outfit- well I wouldn't be suprised if I saw Kate step out in exactly the same thing!
Irina is stylish but recently she seems to have found a new fashion icon- Kate.