Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nymphets Named And Proclaimed

Not only are they born painfully mesmerising creatures, even their names echo such an enimagtic and alluring air.

I know, I know, models come from far and wide across plains of the earths, so whilst their names sound exotic to us, it is more widely recognised in their homeland. Equally, I am aware that some models shall just have ordinary, popular names but it seems to me at least, flicking through the likes of Lula, i-D, LOVE, Dazed and Confused, the following: Candice Swanepoel, Yulia Terentieva, Magdalena Frackowiak, Constance Jablonski, Tatiana Lyadochkina, Madelene de la Motte and Karlie Kloss, all render me insignificant and cast me off as Bill Bloggs.

I'm aware that the perfection which dominates their faces, is what gives such names an enticing twist, names like Kate Moss prove that a being can transfer the ordinary into the extra-ordinary with a swish of fortunate genetic genes. The bottom line is, have one thing working in your favour and make everything else work for you. Emerald, emerald with envy is how I feel.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easy On The Eye

Failed my driving test for the second time today, an assortment of beautiful photos to numb the pain.

Also, an example of Bristol bass at its finest by an extremely talented man (see Garage post to entirely sate your ear-drums):

S x

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm going down to Rio, to meet my friend Clio

This photoshoot got my brain ticking about two things.

Firstly- how much I kick myself in the teeth for not being able to attend Rio carnival this year and envy all those whom were priviledged enough to shimmy along to irresistable brazilian beats.

Secondly, however, and most importantly, it got me thinking about the clothes choices I'll be making this summer.

Clearly ten bagels on one arm and just as many on the mirroring one, is a look more appropriate for a photoshoot and less so for the practicalities of real life.

Yet, I find myself coming to the conclusion, five on one arm and an equal amount on the other is the happy halfway point, between the impractical and so-what-if-I-jingle-jangle-everytime-I-move-it-looks-great. Head scarves and several head ornaments blossoming out from your hair follicles- well, there's no need to be a shrinking violet anymore. A year ago this look would have screamed out to me O.T.T, high-fashion shoots to lazy summer days around town- I felt this transition could not be made.

This summer however, where I'll be going abroad to Benicassim and Outlook festival I feel this look would slot perfectly in. My ethnic jewelry can be the treble to the bass. If that means turning a few heads as they take in all the droopy necklaces you are wearing or the vibrant print of your dress that swishes along with the sunshine, it's a good thing. A tribal teaser is what I shall try and filter gradually into my spring wardrobe.

Try either of these two ethnic "Urban Outfitters Web Exclusive" £18 earrings to get you well on your way

S x

What a charming chameleon

Bianca Balti in Vogue Germany, April 2011. Photos Viktor Demarchelier

Bleach blonde wind-strewn untamely hair, eyebrows the shade of dark chocolate, complimented by leather jackets and masculine fit clothing items. Will this look ever tire? No.

It's such a pity I can't got bleach blonde without all my hair becoming brittle and rejecting the chemicals....sigh.

Listening to on repeat:


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

How would you like your garage?

Chopped up and time-shifted with a tad pitch-shifted vocals, if you may.

The hottest trend besides the Prada brogue-sneakers or Stella McCartney's polka dot collection?

Garage music.

After attending DMZ on Saturday, London's infamous dubstep night and the biggest night of its kind on the annual calendar- where people travel far and wide from various parts of Europe, to feel the floor vibrate beneath their two-stepping feet to underground beats. This year however, it was Jame's Blake set that stole the show- the chainsaw-like noise and sounds of chemicals bubbling in a mad scientist's lab, is sadly what it seems dubstep has been reduced to. Even the dubstep kings, Skream and Benga, are the guilty culprits of such unpleasant and unmelodic sounds.

There is no real emotion, harmony or sensual vocals which make up-coming post-dubstep/ garage artists like Julio Bashmore, Jamie xx, Jacques Greene and Cooly G's music so beautiful and the perefect kind of dreamy sounds you want to be hearing on a night, where the music should transport you on a journey. You are at one with the music, not merely just dancing to it. I am an avid corsica studio's clubber and last visit noticed artists such as Dark Sky's and The Boogalew Crew's new material, following this desirable direction.

When I was a child Artful Dodger's "three two one" made me jiggle my hips enthusiastically, yet the garage revival brings back "sentimental memories", which are all the better now I can hear them playing at my favourite clubs, my childhood jukebox substitued for the most impressive sound-systems.

Here a few few of my current favourite songs of the post-dubstep genre:

James Blake: I Mind by La 3e heure!

S x

(Won't be posting for a while as this eveing till Monday at BLOC music festival! Another music post shall definitely be on its way then)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Style that seduces

Tasty tassled killer-heeled shoes, body-bragging body-con & relaxed fit cardi, magnificent maxi with a pump twist, disneyland meets villainous vamp, bun hair magnitizes stares, sinfully skinny jeans.

I can feel myself rapidly approaching a pinnacle point in my life, in fact, I feel I almost there already. Hitting twenty in the not too distant future, I feel the urge to dress more sophistacted and with a demure I did not posses until recently. I still want to be able to wear mini skirts yet when I wear them to be taken seriously at the same time. The models and celebrities in the pictures above, do the following wonderfully, so I'm taking note. The thin tightrope of earning respect for wearing wild, young thing outfits well or spiralling downstairs into the depths of yesteryears- wearing your clothes in a way which may have been acceptable at 16, however no longer. Well, it's pretty mind-boggling.

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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Model Agency- Commercial V. Editorial

I don't know whether any of you follow Channel 4's "The Model Agency" but I think it's simply tremendous and hooking. The allure of such a fashionable world yet the stark contrast of the sky-high stress and brutal bitchiness. More than anything the nooks and crannies, just seeing how it all works.

The last episode was very fascinating with this rivalry between the commercial and editorial bookers. The commercial "show girls" are the one's who bring in the money, yet the editorial ones who give the agency prestige and supposedly the area the most prestigous agencies favour. The money lies in the campaigns, yet the commercial look is a "fuller" model, still in the normal world very slim, yet they have hips, breasts and curves whilst the catwalk promotes a more boy-ish frame. Commercial models are also more glamorously beautiful than puzzling or subjectively beautiful like editorial models.

American model Anna Speckhart, has done commercial campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch, Forever 21 and Heritage 1981- very commercial brands. Yet has also made appearances in VOGUE nippon, Elle France and Harper's Baazar Spain. The transition to make from commercial to editorial is very hard. The editorial girl must have an enigmatic air and not necessarily to spring to mind, "Oh yes, that's the girl from the A&F campaign."

Yet I believe Speckhart has the striking features and unusual beauty of an editorial model and could make this transition smoothly with time. A stunning new face who anticipate we shall all be seeing a lot more of.

What do you think?

S x

Friday, March 04, 2011

Lily will my love for you ever cease to grow?

Lily has done it again for a shoot for French VOGUE- she looks breath-taking. The final georgian meet's 1950's inspired black dress made my jaw almost drop to the ground. The dress' texture looks so highly intricate, I wish I could put my finger out and touch my laptop screen and feel what it truly feels like. The baby pink gloves show this is a modern georgian woman and they are far darker and independent than the women of that era.

Giving the "hard shoulder" is taken to a new level in the first picture. I think knee high black hold-ups are always the perfect and sexy way to balance out heavier shapes above. The ebony wet look pants almost seem to has been inspired by ra ra la la la, Lady Gaga.

The second ballerina style dress is hard not to gasp over, especially since Black Swan, everyone wishes to relive their golden days as a dancer. The pvc black gloves toughen up the delicate caged corset and lustful ruffles that spew out from it. The key to looking divine when wearing a more revealing item is for its structure to be key- it holds everything in, whilst emphasing the beautiful shape of the woman's body- not pushing, squeezzing and spilling it all out.

Below are a selection of photos which would provide great inspiration for a fancy dress party. Of late, I have been invited to numerous, I think I've got to the age now where you have already passed the days where your dress-up parties come to a halt as they are no longer "cool" and now, hitting twenty, dressing up is once again in as you can add a more seductive/ shcking/ bizarre adult twist to it. Lower budget fancy dress- head fascinators are a saviour! Higher budget? Feast your eyes on some of the grander ideas below

S x